How to successfully enter T-Tok cross-border e-commerce TSP service provider?

01-13 2023

TSP is the official byte for T-Tok Shop The abbreviation of Partner, literally translated means D sound small shop partner, that is, we often say service provider, the official definition of TSP is: refers to the ability to provide e-commerce experts and merchants with a variety of e-commerce services, including but not limited to merchants or influencer accounts to operate live broadcast services, delivery services, training services, etc., and assist service targets in T-Tok A third-party company with healthy growth of the Shop platform, referred to as TSP.

Related support: United Kingdom: A, the original plan is for high-quality TSP, GMV achieved The corresponding threshold can get tiered cash rewards (up to 15% cash rebates) bimonthly incremental GMV cash rebates (30% of the old number, 15% of the new number need to become a high-quality TSP service provider to join this program)

B. The Sailing Star incentive policy is aimed at brand services, and when new brands are introduced, TSP can obtain the first month service fee incentive or obtain the brand trial broadcast cash incentive. High-quality brand merchants settled in the broadcast growth incentive, 4 traffic incentives $1000 each, and ranking competition incentives ($800, 2nd $600, 3rd $500)

Southeast Asia:

  Bi-monthly cumulative valid GMV reaching the corresponding ranking can get a ladder cash prize (full account cash reward $50-$2000)

style="font-size: 18px;"> merchant side

1. United Kingdom: New merchants are exempted from incentives After completing the "newbie on the road" task, new settled accounts can receive a 3.2% commission-free incentive for all orders for 90 days, only a 1.8% payment fee, and a 3.2% commission for orders after 90 days, as well as free shipping benefits

2. Southeast Asia:

a: commission-free entry, the platform does not draw commissions

b: Postage subsidy (Thailand 3.71, Philippines 3.07, Vietnam 3.07, West Malaysia 1.43, East Malaysia 2.39)

C: Matthew self-broadcast qualifying, Matthew GMV top 10 accounts can get rewards Note: For non-branded stores, the maximum cash reward of $3.7w

is 2. Entry conditions body: ·Chinese mainland: The

enterprise has been registered for more than one year (not in the directory of abnormal business enterprises), and the business scope of the business license includes the service content

required by the category · Hong Kong, China: the enterprise has been registered for more than one year (not in the directory of abnormal business of enterprises), and the qualification and verification of enterprise entities are 1. Introduction of the company's business capabilities, team composition, past successful cases

2. Provide proof of the actual provision of agency operation services for the merchant/brand, such as the terms of the relevant service content stipulated in the agency operation cooperation agreement, screenshots of the signed and sealed pages, etc. (1-10 copies) 3. Provide proof of the office environment, such as pictures of the physical live broadcast room, group photos of the operation team (10 photos)

4. Provide proof of cooperation agreement with its talents, such as specific cooperation scope, signature and seal page