Top 10 minefields common for T-Tok novice novices!

01-13 2023

Why can't I use the T-Tok I downloaded?

Some friends with channels, direct MAI machines, the environment is handled cleanly, and the required software is installed~ naturally everything is worrying.

However, this also leads to the fact that they do not actually download T-Tok, and the T-Tok downloaded from their hands is either black screen or emitted video throttling is very serious!

I can't go into detail here, but I'll try to introduce the basic steps to everyone!

(a) Apple The specific steps are as follows: Apple

needs an overseas ID when installing It is generally recommended to use the ID of the US region, but if you have the ID of other European and American countries, you can also do it!

Go directly to the App Store to log in to the US ID, be sure to download it through the overseas ID!


1. If you can't register yourself, you can rent one, just a few dollars.

2. If you need to upgrade later, sometimes you also need to use the registered ID, so don't forget

about it!

(ii) Android

The specific steps are as follows: 1. Android installation requires the use of the Google Trio (i.e., Google Services Framework, Google Play Store and Google Play service), only if you install them, you can download them directly in the Google Play and use them normally!

2. Use the Apk installation package to install

directly Some friends may want to ask what is the Apk installation package?

Whisper, easily this is ha!

Some friends may say again, there are many on the Internet, if you can tell the difference, of course, but if you can't... Well...... Then you can only ask

for blessings ~ Don't say that you didn't write more specific content, you can't see it after writing this!

2. Want to do

anything Many people have just entered T-Tok, which can basically be described as dazzling!

With 3 billion+ users worldwide, T-Tok is at the top of the list of popular apps in the world every month, and its huge traffic is naturally needless to say.

There are also many directions that everyone can do on T-Tok, and you can see everything including but not limited to food, beauty, cute pets, funny, Chinese teaching... and other categories.

Some newcomers will think, then can I try them all~

For example,

Beauty, Gourmet see everything done!

Just looking at the cover, do you think this account is cooking food? But when you look at the lipstick in the upper right corner, guess what it does?

It is estimated that the owner of the account himself does not know what it does~

The data of this account is basically between 3000-5000, which means that there is no problem with its network, but this data, do you think it can be counted?

If you think that a playback volume of about 4000 is OK, then we won't say anything.

If you look at it and feel the same as easily, no, there are more areas that can be optimized.


That tells you what we think: don't think about doing everything, one account will make a category, everyone who makes food will post videos of food categories, and everyone who does beauty will send beauty videos.

Do I need to raise a number to play T-Tok?


Since you want to operate on T-Tok for a long time, raising a number is definitely an important step, not only to brush the corresponding label on your account in the process of raising the number, but more importantly, through the T-Tok will analyze what type of account you are, and decide which aspect of traffic to give you more later!

Especially in the early days of operation, raising numbers can be said to be the top priority. After all, from a platform perspective, T-Tok would prefer to allocate traffic to normal, vertical content accounts.

Fourth, if you are not good at English, can't you do T-Tok?

Of course not!

(a) Highly similar interface Whether it is the interface

settings of the video, the function keys below, or the content structure of the video, etc., everyone should be able to see the shadow of the domestic D sound~

Many friends are pronounced domestic D sounds, while changing and provoking T-Tok, both without delay, in terms of the above video content, how much English skills do you think you need?

(2) Bad English solution

At this time, some people will say, English is not good, can't understand anything from T-Tok? English is not good, it is difficult to operate!

Hmm... If you can't understand "Yes" and "NO", it's really a bit of a struggle.

But you can see this article, the solution must be given!

Come and go~Translation software is easily listed below~

Deepl (if you are more syntactical, you can use this tool).

Google Translate (needless to say, already an old translation).

Colorful Cloud Translation (can directly translate web pages) Deftpadf (can translate PDF or word and other files)

>  naturalreaders (speech conversion tool

) Youdao translation (which is also popular at present)


you can't, enter the word directly to get the Chinese analysis! Simple, clear and clear!

Fifth, can I use the low price or free W I see on the Internet?

Well, if you're serious about running T-Tok, you'll easily tell you to forget it.

There are really no people who simply do charity in this world, and those who are cheap or even free Why do you think you can just run into it?

If you do come across a good one, congratulations.

But if you edit a bunch of videos very carefully, and the result is in single digits or 0 views every time you publish, how many times can you withstand such a blow?

I can only say that now it is a penny for a penny~ You can compare many times, but if you really want to operate, it is not recommended to use this!

Remember to like + favorite

so as not to slap your thighs and find it!

6. Do you also need to improve your personal account information when playing T-Tok?

Well, if you are talking about domestic real-name authentication, it is not necessary.

Foreigners still attach great importance to the security of their identity information, and many foreign platforms do not need too complete identity information.

On T-Tok, as long as you have an email address, you can register a T-Tok account, and in the normal decoration of your account homepage, select the matching account avatar, name, profile and other relevant information.

In other words, you can register N working T-Tok accounts on T-Tok whenever you want!

This is one of the reasons why so many teams can do it!

How many T-Tok accounts can a device switch?

If you want to save a little on your device, we generally recommend putting up to 3 accounts on one device! If you switch N times a day, the T-Tok system can't say wow


But from the perspective of operating T-Tok, it is generally recommended to have a normal device and an account~ If the account is wasted, you can S start over, but it is really not good to always cut the account.

Can I post multiple videos a day on T-Tok?

Of course you can!

In fact, the T-Tok platform has always expressed its thirst for high-quality short videos~ As long as the platform has a thirst for T-Tok videos, there is more room for operation for every player who wants to enter T-Tok, and more can be obtained.

If you want to operate an account, it is best for an account to send 3-5 short videos of good quality per day in the early stage, and when the traffic rises, you can reduce the number of releases and improve the quality of the video!

If it comes to bringing goods, you can work more on video copywriting, tags and other places to attract more accurate fans and traffic.

Is there a time interval for publishing multiple videos in a day?

I still want it!

After all, many people take their accounts very seriously, and the devices on their hands are not as professional as those in our team's hands.

If it is continuously released in a short period of time, it is likely to be considered a marketing account by the platform, publishing low-quality content, resulting in limited broadcasting and even other complex problems.

If you want to post more than 3 videos a day, it is recommended that you post the next video with an interval of 20 minutes or even more than 1 hour!

You can prepare the video you want to post in advance and choose a time to publish it!

Can I choose any music for T-Tok?


Again, people abroad attach great importance to personal rights.

The music they create is their personal belonging! If you're just posting it daily, you can choose most of the music.

But if you have commercial behavior, you can only choose commercial music, even if you add it yourself when editing instead of using the T-Tok platform, avoid using European and American pop music ~ Because of accidentally using non-commercial music, muting is already the minimum punishment, in case you are given a stream restriction or ban video, it will really be BBQ~

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